Demos & Experiments

On this page you will find press releases for past and upcoming demonstrations and experiments I’m organising. The drone demonstrations are victims of their own success and now have their dedicated page where you’ll find all the details. This page will only contain a synthetic summary of the demonstration announcements.

ViBrain: Tangible Brain Model in 3D

The ViBrain, a visual brain, is a physical tangible representation of a brain that lights up and that shows your own brain activity. We just need to hook you up to an EEG acquisition cap, and the brain will light up as you start thinking. The 3D model supports the display of activity over the motor and the visual cortices of the brain.
See all the photos here



InnoRobo Lyon Smart Home Demonstration

Myself and other demonstrators from my lab spent a wonderful time demonstrating our control technologies for smart homes in Lyon between the Wednesday the 1st of July and Friday the 3rd of July for the InnoRobo international industrial salon on Robotics. I have demonstrated my BCI system for the control of a smart home on a minikit smarthome prototype.
IMG_0335 [HDTV (720)]IMG_0337 [HDTV (720)]IMG_0343 [HDTV (720)]

The prototype had a miniature door, a lamp and a fan connected to an openHab set-top-box. Users could open/close the door and turn on/off the fan and lamp by visualizing associated concepts in their minds:
doorOpen/Close the doorfanTurn the fan on/offlampeTurn the light on/off

Photos from days 1 and 2 are available here  and photos of day 3 (courtesy of J.P. GUIBAUD) are available here.

Research Presentations

Presentation of my work during the Ph.D Students Day, 2014.

Presentation of my work during “my Ph.D thesis in 180s”, 2014.

Presentation of my work during Grenoble Cognition Day, 2013.

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