Brainy Drone

On this page you will find all the information pertaining to piloting a drone with you thoughts: demonstrations, experiment descriptions, etc. You can find a press kit here.

If you liked the Brainy Drone demo, an exciting new project awaits.

What is it about?

The AR Drone 2.0 being a drone controlled by WiFi, sending commands from a nearby computer is easy. Thus, the commands produced by a Brain Computer Interface can be used to control the drone.
There are two ways of controlling the drone. The first is imagined movement, where one must imagine moving hands or feet in order to control the drone. The other in imagined concepts, where one must imagine/visualize objects and notions that correspond to drone actions.
A full control of the drone is possible: Turn left/right, strafe left/right, move forward/backwards, go up/down.

Conceptual Imagination                                           Imagined Movement

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 13.58.10Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 14.02.11

The demos

The TechShop 2015

I made a brainy drone demonstration for TechShop in Paris on the 31 of October 2015. Photos and videos are available on my twitter account.

Imaginascience 2015

I held a drone demonstration at Imaginascience 2015 in Annecy between the 14th and the 15th of October 2015. You can see photographs of the event here, and a video below.

IMAGINASCIENCE 2015 (FULL HD) from SilRêve Image&son on Vimeo.

Grenoble Mini Maker Faire 2015

I made a brainy drone demonstration at Grenoble’s Mini Maker Faire on the 3rd and the 4th of October 2015. Photos and videos are available here.

Persycup Robotics Cup Demonstration

I held a brainy drone demonstration in the context of the Persycup robotics cup. Photos available here.

“Remue Méninges” Festival Demonstrations

I held three demonstrations in the context of the Remue Méninges festival with the purpose of introducing children to research in the neurosciences and in human computer interaction through a practical and recreational application to piloting a drone with one’s brain. Photos here

Grenoble University Hospital / CHU de Grenoble Demonstration

Three demonstrations of the Brain controled drone from SIGCHI 2014 and UbiComp 2014 were held at Grenoble University Hospital & EVE in the context of La Semaine du Cerveau 2015 (“The week of the brain”) a French Nationwide event aimed at introducing current research related to neurosciences to the public. You may browse the full programme here:

  • Monday, March 16th 2015 — Hall Vercors – Hôpital Michallon– CHU de Grenoble [See photos]
  • Tuesday, March 17th 2015 — EVE – Domaine Universitaire – Saint Martin d’Hères [See photos]
  • Wednesday, March 18th 2015 — Hall d’accueil of Hôpital Couple-enfat – La Tronche [See photos]

Download the flyer here (French):  Flyer-DL-Portrait1Flyer-DL-Portrait2

Press Coverage

Please have a look at the dedicated press coverage page.

UbiComp 2014

I presented an updated version of my CHI demonstration, with a new paradigm that allows mobile use with the Emotiv EPOC! See the flyer here: [FACE] [BACK]

  • N. Kosmyna, F. Tarpin-Bernard and B. Rivet. Drone, Your Brain, Ring Course: Accept the Challenge and Prevail! UBICOMP’14 ADJUNCT. 2014. 243-246.


I presented the first practical application of my co-learning architecture @ CHI 2014.

Photos and Videos of my CHI Interactivity Demonstration, April 26th to May 1st in Toronto


  • N. Kosmyna, F. Tarpin-Bernard and B. Rivet. Bidirectional Feedback in Motor Imagery BCIs: Learn to Control a Drone within 5 Minutes. CHI’14 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2014. 479-482.

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